Programming Cleanly

This year I discovered a series of books and videos that changed my outlook on programming and programming professionally. Those videos and books were written and created by Robert C. Martin. He has written several books on programming professionally (Clean Code, The Clean Coder, Clean Architecture, and Agile Software Development) and has done many lectures and also written (used to be ObjectMentor, which is now defunct but his newer blog site is But Uncle Bob) and has spoken on TDD, Clean Code, SOLID principles and and host of other topics. What I have found recently that has helped me a lot is the clean coders website in which he has created some awesome, informative and entertaining lectures and teaching on clean code, TDD and being a professional programmer.

From his website (see link above) you can view a few of his videos for free and if you search on YouTube you’ll find plenty more of his lectures and speeches. ┬áThis one on S.O.L.I.D principles is informative and interesting and got me to thinking and I soon found others that follow and talk about Clean Code, such as Kevlin Henney and this conference that he spoke at NDC in London. I also found his talk on What We Talk About When We Talk About Unit Testing to be interesting as well.

From Robert Martin’s (aka “Uncle Bob”) books and lectures I found out more interesting things on TDD which got me into Kent Beck’s excellent book Test Driven Development: By Example. ┬áThis also lead to learning about Martin Fowler and his talks and books especially on Refactoring as well.

So where is all this leading to? Well I just wanted to share part of my journey and rediscovery of writing code and writing it clearly, acting like a professional programmer and sharing some of that information.

My other interest is JavaScript programming, in particular with TypeScript, Node.js and various frameworks such as Angular. Some of my other interests also include Linux and Debian and FreeBSD in particular, although for my main development work I use Centos 7.

Till next time,

red, green, refactor...